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December 14, 2019
The Princess Hotel

The Princess Hotel (where it all began in 1969)
Shown are THE THREE DEGREES with Paul Horst and Peter Pfeiffer

Below some Princess Hotel background information as printed in the Princess Press No.7 vol. 3 in 1979.

We anticpate that this outline of our hotel and its many facilities will be of specific interest to our newer staff members - however, we also trust that reading it would also be informative for all employees in general.

Built as an elegant landmark overlooking scenic Hamilton Harbour,in Bermuda, The Princess Hotel has become world famous for its continental service and atmosphere, hosting political dignitaries, European royalty, industrial leaders and the international set. The hotel is just a five-minute walk from the centre of Hamilton, Bermuda's picturesque capital. It is just a 20- minute drive from the new Southampton Princess located along Bermuda's exclusive South Shore road.
The Priness was first opened in 1885 and is the oldest established hotel in Bermuda today. The hotel was named after Prncess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria, who vistited Bermuda in 1882.
In 1924, a cottage colony was added, which was a first for Bermuda or any other tourist resort. An additional western wing was completed eight years later to meet the demands of increasing business.
The Princess was acquired by Eastend Properties Limited in 1962 and was completely rebuilt and reopened on April 1,1964, by the then Governor, Sir Julian Gascoigne.
On April 7, 1966, the hotel's new wing at the western end of the property was opened. It accommodates 204 guests.
On February 22, 1968, the official opening of the new 113-room Pitt's Bay wing took place. The new wing was previously the site of the cottage colony.
The hotel is six stories high, has 460 guest rooms and is the largest hotel in Bermuda. Entirely air conditioned, with an individually controlled thermostat unit in each room, guests can regulate temperatures between 55 and 85 degrees.

The Princess Hotel is operated by Princess Hotels International.

The Princess Press No.7, vol. 3, 1979 was kindly supplied by Joyce Sankowski.

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